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the future of your content in experts hands

About us

Esteta (Esthete), a word derived from Greek, is our essence. We cultivate beauty, art and culture.


And so, we are able to produce connections with strategy, taking the essence and strength of your company much further.


how can we help you

Brand management

Strategies based on creating and sharing relevant content and information to win over your audience, creating a loyal and lasting relationship and establishing clear and assertive communication with your community.

content production

Indispensable nowadays, quality content allows for greater engagement and bonding and a more immersive and creative experience, with the aim of generating exclusive experiences for the public.


Focus on boosting your company's success with our Lectures and Communication Consultancies. With the aim of strengthening organizational culture, improving marketing strategies, managing brands effectively, developing talent and adopting humanized communication. Our experts are ready to inspire your team, increase productivity and boost your business.

Special Projects

Turn your ideas into reality with our Special Projects service! We are here to make your dreams and projects into something tangible, in an assertive and accessible way. Whether it's a special event, the need for assistance in a crucial process or that idea you want to get off the ground, trust us to make it all possible. With our experience and commitment, we will help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

our clients

Samuel Montana_edited.png

Samuel Montana

Working with Bruna and the Esteta Produções team has always been easy. Super attentive and competent in all aspects. They were always quick to present me with several options to choose from while explaining what each of the options would provide. It always makes me feel like the right decision is made every time. I highly recommend them, one of the best decisions I've made for my own business needs.

L Gustavo do Nascimento.png

Luiz Gustavo do Nascimento

​On behalf of the entire company, I convey all my gratitude for the dedication and delivery of the beautiful work well done by Esteta, with great quality! The company does an incredible job in marketing and deserves all the recognition.

Taiane Torres.jpg

Taiane Torres

​Best experience possible. Esteta Produções is extremely competent, delivering everything with the greatest efficiency in the world. All items are very well crafted, with extraordinary care. I can only thank you for your extraordinary and exemplary work.

Daniel Rocha.jpeg

Daniel Rocha

​Esteta's quality and expertise stand out, but what has enchanted us most with this partnership is the level of professionalism. They exceed expectations in delivery times, maintaining a high standard of quality. They are creative and contribute throughout the process. We are very happy with this partnership.

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