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Bring us your brand and we'll give you a bigger audience!

With online advertising solutions we accelerate the growth of your brand and increase your visibility in the market.




Complete management for Google Ads and Facebook Ads



Creative development of persuasive texts for Marketing and Sales actions



Development of attractive and coherent creatives for actions on Facebook Ads


we take care of everything for you.

  • Social media

  • Paid Traffic

  • Website Creation and Maintenance

  • Graphic design

  • Video Production

  • Press office

  • Special projects

And much more!

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grow faster using the internet

We don't just deliver a beautiful project.

We deliver an efficient and humanized solution!

Required to)!

why invest in internet ads?

Attracts your audience

If you Google your product or service, who will come up first: you or your competitor? Be ahead and approach your audience.

Increases brand recognition

With online ads, the company gains positive visibility, increasing the brand's digital presence and market authority.

​Generate more leads

Through assertive targeting, online ads campaigns increase the reach of your website and, consequently, increase the chances of generating conversions.

Excellent value for money

Count on flexible investments in your campaigns on top of constant analysis to optimize your results.

Accurate targeting

Through digital marketing data and metrics, it is possible to generate more assertive campaigns for your audience, thus increasing the generation of qualified leads.

Variety of opportunities

Online ads allows investment in various digital channels, such as Facebook Ads (Facebook and Instagram) or Google Ads. Each platform has its advantages for specific objectives and different placements and ad formats.

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Increase your sales

Our goal is to make your sales increase every day, increasing your business's traffic and conversion.

Short/medium term results

One of the main benefits of investing in online ads is the faster return you get from serving digital ads.

Consumer journey

We work with advertising strategies for all stages of the sales funnel and consumer journey, from discovering their "pain" to closing the purchase of the service or product.

Pedro Luiz Scopino

oficina forte

Excellent service and excellent professional!

clínica equilíbrio e vida

montana global consulting

oficina forte



taiane torres

clínica equilíbrio e vida

Esteta Produções is extremely competent, delivers everything with greater efficiency, with super well-crafted items.


I can only thank you for the extraordinary and exemplary work.

Samuel Montana.png

samuel montana

montana global consulting

Working with Bruna and the team at Esteta Produções has always been easy. Super attentive and competent in all aspects.


They were always quick to introduce me to several options to choose from while explaining what each option would provide. It always makes me feel like the right decision is made each time.


I highly recommend them, one of the best decisions I've made for my own business needs.

L Gustavo do Nascimento.png

L. Gustavo do Nascimento


On behalf of the entire company, I convey all my gratitude for the dedication and delivery of the beautiful work well done by Esteta with great quality!

You are doing an incredible job that deserves all the recognition.

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Daniel Rocha

oficina forte

Very good service! The company positions itself as a partner in the projects.

Our clients

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about us

I'm Bruna Bittencourt, founder of Esteta Productions. I have been working in the management and strategic production of content for over 7 years, events and training for large companies in different niches.


Now, I continue to do what I love with my team and we raise the quality of marketing strategies and content and communication of resultsof my clients to grow more every day.

Esthete, a word derived from the Greek, is our essence. We cultivate beauty, art and culture. And so, we are able tomake connections with strategy, taking the essence and strength of your company much further.

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